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General Blanket Guidelines

Blankets are to be handmade, washable and made with new materials

Blankets created or stored in a smoking environment cannot be accepted under any circumstances



  • LARGER BLANKETS ARE ALWAYS NEEDED. We do not accept blankets that are smaller than 36" x 36"
  • The body of fleece blankets, not including the fringe, should also measure 36" x 36"
  • Length of blanket must be in proportion to the width~ for example: 30" x  60" is too long and narrow 


  • Use acrylic (washable) yarn, not wool, in child friendly colors 
  • The pattern should not create large holes where fingers or medical equipment  could
            get tangled
  • Do not use “fuzzy” yarn
  • Remember to weave in at least a 4 inch tail of yarn when finishing your blanket


  • The hospitals request that the fleece blankets be single layer, NOT doubled
  • Purchase yards or more of fleece for each blanket
  • Pattern of fleece should coordinate to the size of blanket – for example – a design with baby bottles should be used for a smaller blanket
  • Always wash fleece blankets in powdered detergent because liquid causes the fleece to pill
  • BLANKET MUST LAY FLAT. Tying the fringe too tightly causes the blanket to curl under like 
           a fitted sheet
  • Visual instructions can be found at the following website: 

(One of the examples of creating blankets on the video is “Bunny Ears.”  Please do NOT use this method)


PENNY BLANKETS – crochet-edged fleece blankets

A new way to use fleece in making blankets is to create a Penny blanket. Small holes are made along each edge of a piece of fleece using a skip stitch blade (notched rotary cutter blade). The blanketeer then crochets an edge around the fleece resulting in a beautiful blanket which is much loved by the children. For visual instructions on creating Penny blankets, please click on the following YouTube video address:

  • Pattern instructions for some crocheted edges are available for creating our “Penny blankets” 
  • Skip stitch blades cost $10 plus $2 for shipping. Call Penny at 847-521-0672 to order
  • Prepared fleece is available through our fleece exchange at all chapter events


  • Use only new cotton fabric
  • You can use your creativity and talent to choose any pattern
  • Batting must be attached in outer seams and either quilted or tied every 4 – 6 inches  
  • Please use embroidery floss instead of yarn if you are tying the quilt
  • When fleece or flannel is used as a backing, batting is unnecessary


In our Kids Helping Kids program, children decorate 8½" squares of muslin which are then used to make quilts. Please call Judi at 847-498-3987, if you are interested in creating a quilt from these blocks.  We have kits containing 15 decorated and 15 coordinating squares. You can use your favorite pattern or a simple envelope quilt pattern can be used.

Blankets created or stored in a smoking environment cannot be accepted under any circumstances

Do not use fabric with religious messages
Do not use fabric softener or perfumes when laundering blankets
Wash and dry blanket created in a home where there is  a pet.  Place in plastic bag before donating
Do not create any blanket near peanut butter or nuts
Do not attach any embellishments, such as buttons or sequins, to the blankets
Do not use any fabric or yarn that has been exposed to mold or mildew


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