Chicagoland Project Linus

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After looking at the rest of the website, we have still more to tell you.
Please take a look at our Events Calendar which will be kept up to date
with all of our meetings and special events. When you click on an event,
all of the information you need will be shown. We’ve tried to anticipate questions you might have, so look at our FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions). If your question isn’t answered, please look at the
“contact us”
tab and give us a call or email.

Karen G writes our fabulous newsletter which is sent out 4 times a year. We will keep a number of past newsletters for you to look at. There is so much information in the newsletter-patterns, recipes, thank you notes from blanket recipients and chapter news. Please share your email address if you have one so that we can send the newsletter to your email. If you don’t have an email address, we will, of course, send you the newsletter by regular mail.
There are many businesses that generously support our chapter. They are truly Project Linus Angels. We have compiled a list of these businesses. Be sure to tell them you are a Project Linus blanketeer and how much you appreciate their support.

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