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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I drop off my blankets?

Please look at our list of drop off sites under the ABOUT US tab.


What is the smallest size blanket you accept?

The blankets can be square or rectangle but each side must measure at least 36".


Why don’t you accept blankets created or stored in a home where someone smokes?

The particles from the smoke cannot be removed and could be dangerous to children with compromised pulmonary systems.


Do the blankets have to be handmade?

Yes, we do not accept store-bought blankets. You can, however, purchase a receiving blanket and add a border or embellish it with embroidered designs.


How can my child be involved?

By participating in our Kids Helping Kids program. See service projects under the GET INVOLVED tab for more information.

What is the Fleece Exchange?

Bring 1½ yards or more of kid-friendly fleece you have purchased to one of our monthly events. You can then choose a piece that has already been prepared and is ready to crochet around.


Do you accept monetary donations?

Yes. Checks should be made payable to Project Linus and sent to our Chapter at:

Project Linus

14 Wakefield Court

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Since Project Linus is a 501 (C) (3) organization, your donations are tax-deductible.


What kind of blankets do you accept?

We accept knitted, crocheted, quilts, and fleece blankets


Do you have any blanket patterns?

Yes, please look at our many links to patterns under our PATTERNS tab. 


Where does your chapter donate blankets?

Please look at the list of where we donate blankets under the ABOUT US tab.


Do you accept hats, stuffed animals, sweaters or other gifts for children?

No, we only accept blankets for children from newborn to 18 years of age.


Do you accept any blanket making supplies?

Yes, see our Wish List on the Donations page under the GET INVOLVED tab.


Do I have to wash the blankets before donating them?

Not necessarily. If you have a pet, you have to wash and dry the blanket. Check the blanket for pet hair and use a lint roller to remove it. Put the blanket in a unscented plastic bag before donating it.


Do you have any events during the month where I can come and make blankets?

We have many events that you can attend. Please look at our EVENTS tab.


Do you accept double fleece blankets ?

We do accept double layer fleece blankets however the hospitals request single layer fleece blankets because the doubled blankets are too hot for the children and too bulky to store. Please make them single layer.

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