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Thank You Notes

Dear Judi,

Thank you so much for the beautiful blankets. You have an amazing group of crafters who do incredible work. Our clients are so excited when we take them to our closet & let them choose a blanket. Your support means so much to a survivor and all of us at the Zacharias center. I look forward to our continued partnerships.

The Zcenter team.

Judi, Penny and the Linus Project members
Thank you to everyone at the Linus project for sharing your beautiful blankets. When a new Down syndrome baby is born they receive this amazing basket from NADS. As the oldest Down syndrome organization, we have been supporting families for over 60 years. With your help and support these baskets are extra amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing your craft and love for our special families.

Good morning:
My 15-year-old daughter and I made an unexpected trip from Rush urgent care in Yorkville to the PICU at Rush downtown last weekend.

During our stay, a Child Life Specialist visited and brought her a beautiful afghan made by your volunteers. She was so touched and comforted by this gift, and it has stayed on her bed since we’ve returned home.
I want to thank you for this little treasure that means so much to kids at a scary time. You brought comfort and a smile to my daughter, and I am so grateful.

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